A Taste of Sicily – Supper Club, Saturday March 7th, 2015

Saturday, March 7th is Supper Club Night!  The theme is “A Taste of Sicily”.  Being a big fan of Georgio Locatelli, most of the recipes I have usIMG_1257ed are from his book: Made in Sicily. The evening starts with a welcome drink: Limoncello Cocktail and some Italian Breadsticks. From Georgio’s book, I have used the following recipes: The starter  is Sweet & Sour Baked Peppers, drizzled with a little Saba, also known as Vincotto.  Saba (or Vincotto) is not unlike an aged Balsamic (I recommend Belazu Oak Aged Balsamic) but is a little sweeter and NOT a vinegar.  It is made by the slow cooking and reduction, over many hours, of non-fermented grape must until it has been reduced to about one fifth of its original volume and the sugars present have caramelised.


Breakfast dressed with Saba

Saba (or Vincotto) is a marvellous addition to many dishes.  I often use it drizzled over a breakfast of cottage cheese and fresh fruit, seasoned with crushed pink peppercorns and then drizzled with the Saba.   I have also used it to add dimension to gravies and sauces and as a secret ingredient in a red onion chutney! The main course used seasonal Sea Bream baked with Potato, Capers & Tomato.  I managed to obtained some generously sized bream from Sandy’s Fishmongers in Twickenham, where they happily cleaned, scaled, deheaded and detailed them for me.  The fish is served on the bone, but the cooked fish, yields the main bone structure very easily and so the fish isn’t particularly fiddly to eat. To finish off, a Ricotta Tart accompanied with Limoncello Ice cream!

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