Supper Club, Saturday, 11th April 2015 – A Taste of Spring

The menu for Saturday’s Supper Club:

Sea Bass & Passion Fruit Ceviche  |  Lamb Rump with Shallot Puree & Broad Beans  |  Rhubarb and Custard Pie

To kick start the evening, I offered a cocktail of Gin and Rosemary Fizz –  a blend of rosemary infused sugar syrup, gin and ice, shaken and topped with soda water.  My lovely friend, Sue Hatcher gave a helping hand in plating the courses.

Ceviche was the first course and I have made this many times before with seafood, and other kinds of white fish.  The acid in the lemons, limes and/or oranges “cooks” the fish (which is actually raw – so fresh fish essential).  I have never used passionfruit in a Ceviche, so was intrigued with this unusual element of the recipe.  It was a wonderful combination – tanginess from the citrus fruits, sweetness from the passionfruit with a pleasant “crunch” from the seeds.  Garnished with chilli, chives and/or coriander, it made a refreshing and delightful starter, which I served with home made fennel & raisin bread to mop up the marinade juices.

The lamb rump was cooked to “pink” and thickly sliced on top of a bed of creamy shallot puree and served with blanched and marinaded broad beans, together with buttered and minted baby potatoes which was served separately.

The dessert – Rhubarb and Custard Pie – was a recipe borrowed from The British Larder.  However, my custard appeared much runnier than the one illustrated in the recipe.  It had set at the first stage as it cooled, but then the dish is topped with a shortcrust pastry lid and rebaked in the oven; I served the pudding at room temperature.  I think if I did it again, however, I would cook the pastry lid separately and then pop it on the top just before serving.

All the plates came back clean for all the courses ….. so, I think, a successful supper party!  🙂

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